FI & EE CH BALTW-15 Winter Day's For Your Eyes Only "Iiris"

Hips B/B, Elbows 0/0, Eyes clear (also gonioscopy tested and clear)

Date of birth: 27.4.2010

Size: 51 cm

Breeder: Marja-Liisa and Miia Soininen, kennel Winter Day's

Iiris in Koiranet (pedigree and show results)


Iiris has very dark eyes and full, black pigmentation. Her hips are healthy (B/B) and eyes are clear. Also her elbows and knees are healthy (0/0). She moves with good drive and her temperament is lovely. She likes showing and has got some nice show results, including BIS3, 2xBIG1, 2xBIG3, 4xBOB, 7xBOS, 5xCACIB 10xCAC and she is a Finnish and Estonian champion. She has also participated few sled dog trials with good results. She has result 1 (REK1) from sled dog racing trial and result 3 (REKÄ-YLE 3) from working trial. Currently she is competing in maxi2 class in agility.

Iiris is the mother of our "Eye" litter and the health and show results of this litter have been quite nice. We already have two champions in this litter and it's likely there will be more since four of the five puppies in this litter have been rewarded with CAC. Two of Iiris' puppies have already had their own offspring and the show start of Iiris' first grand children has been amazing. We also have one of Iiris' grand children at home, puppy Saaga (Otimis Full Story) and we are very excited to start her show carreer very soon.




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