About the breeder

I got my first Samoyed in spring 1993 and during this past 22 years I have really got attached with this amazing breed. With the years I’ve had 2-4 dogs simultaneously since Samoyeds really enjoy the company of other dogs and on the other hand I don’t want to have too many dogs at the same time because I feel that in bigger pack I wouldn't be able to give enough attention to each individual.

I have bred two small litters in 2001 and 2003. The mother of both litters was our Lola (C.I.B. FI & EE & LV & LT CH EEW-04 LVW-04 LTW-05 Kuuran Miss Otis) who past away in 2010 at the age of 14 years. These two litters were not bred under kennel name Otimis since I got this kennel name much later, in 2010.

Currently our family consist me, my husband Sampo, our little daughters Linda and Hilma and three Samoyed girls Iiris, Laulu and puppy Saaga who is a granddaughter of our Iiris. We live in Tuusula, about 30 km from Helsinki. We have a lovely house with small garden where our dogs can play and dig as much as they like. We do not have separate kennel building, the dogs live with us inside the house as family members. Besides dog shows I also do lots of other activities with my dogs, including obedience training, agility, sled dog training etc.


I am also an active member of several dog related associations:

Suomen Samojedinkoirayhdistys ry - The Samoyed Association of Finland

Suomen Kennelliitto ry - Finnish Kennel Club

Valjakkosamojedit ry - Sled Samoyeds Association

Helsingin Seudun Samojediklubi ry - The Samoyed club of Helsinki area

Koirakerho Heiluhännät ry - our local dog club


The first Otimis litter was born in June 2013 and second in March 2015. More information about these litters on Litters page. Next litter is planed for October 2016.


Jenni Lehtonen


Kennel Otimis

Jenni Lehtonen
Huhtatie 1 A
04300 Tuusula



+358 40 7216657 (Suomeksi/in English)